Rare bird alert

Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers

Label:Rebel REB-CD 0660
Release Date:2011-03-15
Country:United States
County Sales:#310

Song Information:

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1. Rare bird alert2:39
2. Yellow-backed fly3:21
3. Best love4:21
Vocals:Paul McCartney-L
4. Northern island2:39
5. Go away, stop, turn around, come back3:35
6. Jubilation day3:12
7. More bad weather on the way3:32
8. You3:46
Vocals:Dixie Chicks-Vocals
9. The great remember (for Nancy)3:10
10. Women like to slow dance2:13
11. Hide behind a rock2:06
12. Atheists don't have no songs3:51
13. King Tut3:06