Mad about bluegrass

Various artists

Label:Golden Stars GS S 5637
Release Date:2009-07-28
Country:United States

Song Information:

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Blue moon of KentuckyThe Stanley Brothers 2:12
Recording Date:1954-08-29
Place:Bradley Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; Joe Meadows-f; Bill Lowe-m; Charlie Cline-g; Lightnin' Chance-sb
Vocals:C. Stanley-L; R. Stanley-T
A-1. Kentucky waltzBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys
Vocals:B. Monroe-L
A-2. Gonna paint the townThe Stanley Brothers
A-3. Foggy Mountain specialLester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys
A-4. Rock heartsJimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys
A-5. Country boy rock 'n' rollDon Reno, Red Smiley & the Tennessee Cutups
Composer:Don Reno
A-6. Down in the willow gardenCharlie Monroe & his Kentucky Pardners
A-7. Cotton eyed JoeSmiley Hobbs
A-8. RememberingMac Wiseman
A-9. Poor Ellen SmithThe Country Gentlemen
A-10. Hard timesThe Stanley Brothers
A-11. My little honeysuckle roseJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys
A-12. Shout and shineCarl Story & his Rambling Mountaineers
A-13. Lost to a strangerHylo Brown & his Timberliners
B-1. Angel bandThe Stanley Brothers 2:15
Recording Date:1955-12-19
Place:Bradley Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; Curley Lambert-m; Art Stamper-f; Bill Lowe-sb
Vocals:C. Stanley-L; R. Stanley-T; C. Lambert-B; B. Lowe-BS
B-2. Don't let your deal go downLester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys
B-3. Knoxville girlThe Louvin Brothers
B-4. Wayfaring strangerBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys 3:03
Recording Date:1958-03-21
Place:Bradley Film & Recording, Nashville, TN
Master:10191 / 104735
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Edd Mayfield-g; Bessie Lee Mauldin-sb; Owen Bradley-organ
Vocals:B. Monroe-LV/TC; E. Mayfield-TV/LC; Kenny Baker-B; Culley Holt-BS
B-5. Ruby, are you mad?The Osborne Brothers
Composer:Cousin Emmy
B-6. Lonesome road bluesRoni Stoneman
B-7. Shady groveThe Dillards
B-8. High lonesomeThe Country Gentlemen 2:28
Recording Date:1958-05
Place:Ben Adelman's, Washington, DC
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; John Duffey-m/sb; Bill Emerson-bj; Carl Nelson-f; Pete Kuykendall-m
Vocals:C. Waller-L; J. Duffey-T; B. Emerson-B
B-9. No longer a sweetheart of mineDon Reno, Red Smiley & the Tennessee Cutups
B-10. Cotton pickers stompJim Eanes
B-11. Ocean of diamondsJimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys
B-12. Tis sweet to be rememberedMac Wiseman
B-13. John HenryHylo Brown
B-14. Angels rock me to sleepBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys 2:40
Recording Date:1951-03-17
Place:Castle Studio, Tulane Hotel, Nashville, TN
Master:2364 / 80728
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Grady Martin-electric g; Jimmy Selph-g; Thomas 'Tommy' Jackson-f; Ernie Newton-sb; Farris Coursey-drums
Vocals:B. Monroe-L; J. Martin-T; R. Lyle, B; Cully Holt?-BS
C-1. Flint Hill specialLester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys
C-2. Mule skinner bluesBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys
C-3. Jesse James / Hard ain't it hardEric Weissberg
C-4. The family who praysThe Louvin Brothers
C-5. DooleyThe Dillards
C-6. I'm gone, long goneDon Reno, Red Smiley & the Tennessee Cutups 2:24
Recording Date:1952-01-15
Composer:Don Reno-Red Smiley
Place:King Studios, Cincinnati, OH
Instruments:Don Reno-bj; Red Smiley-g; Chuck Haney-m; Gopher Addis-f; Jay Haney-bs
Vocals:R. Smiley-L; D. Reno-T
C-7. Rose garden waltzJim Eanes
C-8. Bringin' in the Georgia mallCharlie Monroe & his Kentucky Pardners
C-9. Your love is like a flowerLester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys
C-10. Blue Ridge Mountain bluesBill Clifton & the Dixie Mountain Boys
C-11. My garden of loveJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys
C-12. Train 45Smiley Hobbs
C-13. Wild mountain honeyThe Osborne Brothers 2:06
Recording Date:1956-12-29
Composer:Arthur Q. Smith
Place:RCA Victor Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:584-3 / 56-S-7
Instruments:Harley 'Red' Allen-g; Sonny Osborne-bj; Bob Osborne-m; Gordon Terry-f; Ernie Newton-sb
Vocals:R. Allen-L; B. Osborne-T; S. Osborne-B