Tales from the swamp

Scott Anderson

Label:Mato Music 1315
Release Date:2011
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-07

Song Information:

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13. Joe meets the Skunk Ape (campfire version)5:21
12. Boogie on Broadway0:18
11. Be proud of the gray in your hair3:26
10. Temperance reel3:36
9. Something will change3:15
8. Can't you hear me calling2:55
7. That's real3:28
6. Seņor (tales of Yankee Power)4:10
5. Minor swing3:30
4. Drivin' singin' cryin'3:15
3. Joe meets the Skunk Ape5:28
2. Folsom Prison blues3:30
1. Sorry song number forty-seven (Don't walk away)3:34