24 greatest hits

Mac Wiseman

Label:TeeVee TV 0594-2
Release Date:2009-07-03
Country:United States

Song Information:

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24. I haven't seen Mama in years3:07
23. 18 wheels a-humming home, sweet home3:34
22. Sweeter than the flowers2:41
21. Your best friend and me2:49
20. Mama, put my little shoes away3:07
19. Where is my boy tonight3:31
18. I heard my mother call my name in prayer2:41
17. My baby's gone2:30
16. Rocky Top3:02
15. She's got leaving on her mind2:12
14. The waltz you saved for me2:40
13. I saw your face in the moon2:42
12. Love letters in the sand2:30
11. I wonder how the old folks are at home2:52
10. Wabash Cannonball2:44
9. I still write your name in the sand2:35
8. Tis sweet to be remembered2:54
7. Don't make me go to bed and I'll be good3:45
6. Going like wildfire2:42
5. Poison love2:00
4. Bringing Mary home3:22
3. Barbara Allen5:04
2. The prisoner's song2:55
1. Jimmy Brown, the newsboy2:02