I'm not looking backward

Wade Mainer

Label:King KG 0957-2
Release Date:2006-11-27
Country:United States
County Sales:#284

Song Information:

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37. Sweet Heaven was there
36. Home in the rock
35. I'm a free little bird
34. He signed my pardon
33. Streamlined religion
32. My soldier boy
31. Building on that rock
30. The hill lone and gray
29. The new bright world
28. The little brown church
27. My home is down in Dixie
26. On the banks of the Ohio
25. Dreaming of a little cabin
24. That star belongs to me
23. Standing outside
22. I'm not looking backward
21. The girl I left in sunny Tennessee
20. Little birdie
19. Courtin' in the rain
18. Little book
17. Those brown eyes I love
16. He's passing this way
15. God's radio phone
14. No place to lay your head
13. Now I lay me down to sleep
12. He's coming to us dead
11. Little pal
10. Soldier's grave
9. Dust on the Bible
8. As time rolls on
7. There'll come a time
6. Roll my lady roll
5. Awaiting the return of my boy
4. I'm glad I'm on the inside looking out
3. Don't write to mother too late
2. Vision of mother
1. Mother's prayers have followed me