Your money and my good looks

Gene Watson & Rhonda Vincent

Label:Upper Management Music 0002
Release Date:2011-06-07
Country:United States
Barcode:881034776105 ID: 4335779
   Amazon ASIN: B004WJRJK4

Song Information:

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1. Your money and my good looks2:38
2. Gone for good4:15
3. It ain't nothin' new3:26
4. You could know as much about a stranger2:43
5. Till the end3:26
6. Alone together tonight2:42
7. Out of hand3:08
8. This wanting you3:55
9. Making everything perfect tonight2:33
10. Sweet thang3:06
11. My sweet love ain't around5:16
12. Ashes of Mt. Augustine3:06