The sideman steps out

Shannon Slaughter

Label:Elite Circuit Music ECM 001
Release Date:2011
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-11
County Sales:#313

Song Information:

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1. The working man3:15
2. I've hit everything in my life (but my knees)3:35
3. Hooverville3:17
4. You're my music3:32
5. Leavin', breakin' even3:02
6. Julie3:28
7. This old heart and me3:21
8. You've been so good to me2:43
9. I'll ramble on2:44
10. Wilson County line2:48
11. These old boots brought me back to you3:40
12. It's a long way to Virginia2:57
13. When the grass grows over me3:33
14. Mournful tune3:33