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John Reischman & the Jaybirds

Label:Corvus CR 018
Release Date:2011-06-21
BG Unlimited:2011-11
County Sales:#317
   Amazon ASIN: B004WJRJHC
   Google Play: B4dsf6v5cqzvysrccfha3o7zssa

Song Information:

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1. Shady grove2:59
2. The girl I left behind3:06
3. The Cypress Hills5:27
4. Hurry up and harvest3:26
5. Last chance3:15
6. Consider me gone2:34
7. Lancaster Sound4:13
8. Gold Mountain (Gam Saan)4:36
9. The black road3:16
10. Goin' across the sea3:18
11. The old grove4:00
12. The first whippoorwill3:42
13. Gabriel's call2:38
14. Bitteroot waltz4:02