An easy climb

Donna Ulisse

Label:Hadley Music Group HMG 1007
Release Date:2011-06-14
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2012-01
County Sales:#314
   Amazon ASIN: B0054RYU64

Song Information:

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1. Let it rain3:22
2. Hand me down home3:22
3. I've got nothin'2:54
4. Crawlin' back2:34
5. An easy climb3:14
6. Black snake5:08
7. Her heart is a stone hard ground3:27
8. Lonesome without you2:22
9. Where the cold wind blows3:36
10. Flat broke in Arkansas3:17
11. Banks of Roane River3:38
12. Faith is a journey2:52
13. Shady glen5:38