Through the years

The Links

Label:Unknown ?
Release Date:2009
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. O the deep deep love
2. Face to face
3. Billy in the lowground
4. O come angel band
5. Stand by me
6. Duckin' deer
7. There is a fountain
8. Help me Lord
9. Hoedown medley
10. Wayfarin' stranger
11. Power in the blood
12. Wapunuka
13. Pass me not
14. The water is wide
15. Fifty-year ago waltz
A-1. There is a time
A-2. Green pastures
A-3. Sally Goodin
A-4. Come thou fount
A-5. Sweet by and by
A-6. Destiny
A-7. Si beag, si mor
A-8. Gospel plow
A-9. Workin' on a building
A-10. Sally Johnson
A-11. Farther along
A-12. Ninth hour
A-13. Little boy from the carpenter shop
A-14. Carolina in the pines
A-15. Say old man