30 favorite bluegrass hymns

Various artists

Label:Green Hill GHD 5800
Release Date:2011-08-23
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B005F99EZ8

Song Information:

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A-1. Cryin' holy unto the LordWanda Vick 2:42
A-2. Church in the wildwoodMark Burchfield 2:47
A-3. Shall we gather at the riverCraig Duncan 3:14
A-4. Angel bandCraig Duncan 3:21
A-5. Are you washed in the blood?Wanda Vick 2:40
A-6. Leaning on the everlasting armsMark Burchfield 2:41
A-7. Where the soul never diesCraig Duncan 3:38
A-8. This world is not my homeJim Hendricks 3:14
A-9. When we all get to HeavenMark Burchfield 2:33
A-10. Just over in the GlorylandCraig Duncan 2:30
A-11. Nothing but the blood of JesusMark Burchfield 2:36
A-12. Standing on the promisesCraig Duncan 2:42
A-13. In the sweet by and byCraig Duncan 3:36
A-14. The unclouded dayJim Hendricks 3:02
A-15. I love to tell the storyCraig Duncan 3:25
A-15. Stand up stand up for JesusCraig Duncan
B-1. The old-time religionCraig Duncan 2:55
B-2. I am a pilgrimWanda Vick 3:03
B-3. I am bound for the promised landCraig Duncan 3:25
B-4. When the roll is called up yonderJim Hendricks 2:50
B-5. There is power in the bloodCraig Duncan 3:00
B-6. Keep on the sunny side of lifeCraig Duncan 2:32
B-7. Swing low sweet chariotCraig Duncan 3:18
B-8. Bringing in the sheavesJim Hendricks 3:01
B-9. Hallelujah, I'm readyWanda Vick 2:45
B-10. The lily of the valleyCraig Duncan 2:53
B-11. Life's railway to HeavenWanda Vick 3:08
B-12. Tis so sweetMark Burchfield 2:06
B-13. Send the lightCraig Duncan 2:59
B-14. Will the circle be unbrokenCraig Duncan 3:26
B-15. Amazing graceCraig Duncan 3:10