Stars of the WWVA Jamboree : old time country music

Jim Greer & the Mac-O-Chee Valley Boys

Label:Rural Rhythm RR GREER 152
Release Date:1966-05
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1966-11

Song Information:

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A-1. Sparkling brown eyes1:35
A-2. Don't make me go to bed2:45
A-3. John Hardy1:33
A-4. Mountain laurel2:34
A-5. When the bees are in the hive2:19
A-6. Tying the leaves1:40
A-7. Single girl1:19
A-8. Green Valley waltz1:42
A-9. Johnson's old grey mule1:03
A-10. The tie that binds1:23
A-11. When the roses bloom again1:48
B-1. Brown's Ferry blues2:07
B-2. When it's time for the whippoorwill to sing2:24
B-3. Black Jack Davie1:05
B-4. Sweet bunch of daisies1:35
B-5. Curly headed baby1:38
B-6. Put me in your pocket2:32
B-7. Gonna lay down my old guitar1:32
B-8. Jesse James1:23
B-9. Down among the budded roses2:17
B-10. Uncle Eph's got the coon1:29
B-11. Ben Dewberry's final run1:43