In the tradition

Boj Osborne

Label:Rocky Top X-Press RTX 0001
Release Date:2011
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2012-01
   Google Play: Bdatl7wa5gycnpwkoqsrl2e5hq4

Song Information:

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1. Just a little prayer3:12
2. Love one or the other4:37
3. Tears of the samurai2:11
4. Your own set of rules3:37
5. Next new heartbreak3:06
6. No mother or dad4:08
7. Sasparilla2:55
8. Liza Jane3:26
9. Say, won't you be mine3:36
10. Jovial journey (to Hell fer certain)5:09
11. I love you more today3:10
12. Sunny side of the mountain3:06