Appalachian gospel revival

Various artists

Label:Rural Rhythm Christian RCH-CD 2012
Release Date:2011-10-11
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Get in line brotherRickey Wasson
2. Sweet by and byLou Reid & Carolina
3. The Eastern GateRussell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out
4. When the angels carry me homeMike Scott
5. Holy mannaMarksmen Quartet
6. Who'll sing for meAudie Blaylock & Redline
7. Nothing but the bloodCommon Strings
8. Where you gonna hide?Dwight McCall
9. Our FatherGrasstowne
10. Over in GlorylandCody Shuler & Pine Mountain Railroad
11. When it's lamplighting time in the valleyCrowe Brothers
12. Better farther onLarry Sparks
13. River of JordanTommy Webb
14. Amazing graceCarrie Hassler & Brandon Rickman with Brand New Strings