Country mountain melodies

Craig Duncan & the Smoky Mountain Band

Label:Green Hill GHD 5323
Release Date:2002-09-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Red wingCraig Duncan
2. O Susanna / Camptown racesCraig Duncan
3. Midnight on the waterCraig Duncan
4. CindyCraig Duncan
5. Wildwood flowerCraig Duncan
6. When you and I were young, MaggieCraig Duncan
7. My old Kentucky homeCraig Duncan
8. Nine pound hammerCraig Duncan
9. Under the double eagle / Down yonderCraig Duncan
10. Ragtime AnnieCraig Duncan
11. Westphalia waltzCraig Duncan
12. Old Joe ClarkCraig Duncan
13. Soldier's joyCraig Duncan
14. Sally AnnCraig Duncan
15. The old spinning wheelCraig Duncan
16. Star of the County DownCraig Duncan
17. Cripple CreekCraig Duncan