The pizza tapes : extra large edition

Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Tony Rice

Label:Acoustic Disc ACD 73
Release Date:2011
Country:United States
County Sales:#316

Song Information:

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A-1. Pizza preamble2:12
A-2. Man of constant sorrow4:52
A-3. Man of constant sorrow4:12
A-4. Always late3:02
A-5. Man of constant sorrow 15:02
A-6. Constant patter2:50
A-7. Man of constant sorrow 25:07
A-8. Louis Collins 17:12
A-9. Louis Collins 26:08
A-10. Shady grove2:56
A-11. Shady grove 12:59
A-12. Shady jam3:39
A-13. Shady grove 25:03
B-1. Shady grove 39:05
B-2. Summertime5:38
B-3. Guitar space3:19
B-4. Summertime5:48
B-5. Long black veil6:53
B-6. Long black veil2:48
B-7. Rosa Lee McFall0:42
B-8. Rosa Lee McFall 13:13
B-9. Rosa Lee McFall 23:08
B-10. Drifting too far from the shore3:44
B-11. Nestle's Quick1:12
B-12. Drifting too far from the shore 14:58
B-13. Jerry plays Tony's D-285:48
C-1. Long black veil reprise3:26
C-2. Long black veil intro0:26
C-3. Long black veil reprise 24:42
C-4. Amazing grace5:11
C-5. Amazing grace5:20
C-6. Little Sadie8:14
C-7. Little Sadie3:15
C-8. Knockin' on Heaven's door5:36
C-9. Knockin' on Heaven's door5:34
C-10. Free transition1:36
C-11. So what5:07
C-12. Interlude2:07
C-13. House of the Rising Sun7:31