Count your blessings : a gospel collection

Kathy Kallick

Label:Live Oak 560
Release Date:2011-09-13
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. There's a higher power3:03
2. Lord protect my soul3:00
3. Count your blessings2:25
4. The messenger3:26
5. Daniel prayed2:39
6. I'll not be a stranger3:42
7. Wings2:27
8. Late last night2:51
9. Center of the world1:23
10. It's gonna rain2:10
11. God gave Noah the rainbow sign2:49
12. Row us over the tide2:43
13. When I wake up to sleep no more2:02
14. Lone pilgrim4:52
15. In the middle of my town4:07
16. Precious memories5:00
17. I'll fly away6:18