Songs of tragedy and redemption

Stanley Brothers

Label:Complete Country CD 1
Release Date:2011-05-23
Country:United Kingdom
County Sales:#316

Song Information:

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25. In Heaven we'll never grow old
24. Gathering flowers for the Master's bouquet
23. Rank stranger
22. The angel of death
21. Wings of angels
20. Highway of regret
19. Ridin' that midnight train
18. No school bus in Heaven
17. Gonna paint the town
16. If that's the way you feel
15. The cry from the cross
14. Nobody's love is like mine
13. Orange Blossom Special
12. Lonesome and blue
11. Angel band
10. Memories of Mother
9. Blue moon of Kentucky
8. Say won't you be mine
7. This weary heart you stole away (Wake up, sweethea
6. Man of constant sorrow
5. The lonesome river
4. Pretty Polly
3. The white dove
2. Little glass of wine
1. Mother no longer awaits me at home