The hillbilly party band

Maddox Brothers & Rose

Label:Complete Country CD 4
Release Date:2011-05-23
Country:United Kingdom
County Sales:#317

Song Information:

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27. Down down down
26. Kissing my pillow
25. Dust on the Bible
24. Tramp on the street
23. Gotta travel on
22. Love is strange
21. Ugly and slouchy
20. The death of rock 'n roll
19. Hey little dreamboat
18. False hearted
17. Wild wild young men
16. Kiss me quick and go
15. Farther along
14. Hangover blues
13. I wish I was a single girl again
12. Shimmy shakin' daddy
11. I'll fly away
10. Rock all our babies to sleep
9. New step it up and go
8. Dark as the dungeon
7. You've been talking in your sleep
6. Sally let your bangs hang down
5. Honky tonkin'
4. New mule skinner blues
3. Move it on over
2. Milk cow blues
1. Midnight train