The Marshall Family gospel album

The Marshall Family

Label:Rebel SLP 1580-81
Release Date:1978
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1A-1. Will the circle be unbroken
1A-2. Thank you Lord
1A-3. Prophet admiration
1A-4. Housewives' prayer
1A-5. The God that never fails
1B-1. When I'm blind
1B-2. Golden bells
1B-3. Pain in the heart
1B-4. Take my hand, precious Lord
1B-5. Prediction 1999
2A-1. The trumpet
2A-2. I'm just a weary pilgrim
2A-3. Twenty three
2A-4. Peanut shell
2A-5. P.T.L.
2B-1. When tomorrow takes your hand
2B-2. The city where I'm going
2B-3. Prettiest flowers
2B-4. Papa's song
2B-5. Reunion in Heaven
2B-6. The Temple