The raven's wing

Tom Morley

Label:Flying Frog FF 2010
Release Date:2010-12
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2012-04

Song Information:

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1. Stedman's Landing3:18
2. Georgiana Starlington waltz3:27
3. Lost in the loop3:52
4. Th raven's wing / The wise maid / Dinky Dorian's5:20
5. Off to Alabama / Sarah Armstrong's reel3:16
6. Cold frosty morning4:28
7. The blacksmith jig / Garrett Barry's / The old favorit4:15
8. Heart of the heartland3:27
9. Last night's fun3:06
10. Crossing the Cumberlands3:10
11. Echoes of New Orleans5:42
12. Red wing3:10