20th anniversary collector's album

The Cockman Family

Label:CF ?
Release Date:2008
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B071DQ6DF7

Song Information:

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A-1. His eye is on the sparrow
A-2. Just a little talk with Jesus
A-3. Precious memories
A-4. Where could I go
A-5. When Johnny comes marching home
A-6. Lay your burdens
A-7. Ballad of Old Blue
A-8. Sweet by and by
A-9. I feel like traveling on
A-10. Blessing you still
A-11. Cling to His promise
A-12. Angels unaware
A-13. Home is where the heart is
A-14. At the cross
A-15. Where the roses never fade
A-16. Looking for a place to cross
A-17. Like an eagle
A-18. One more day
A-19. There is a highway
A-20. Sweet Jesus
A-21. A love song
A-22. Just once more
B-1. Keep on the firing line
B-2. The old rugged cross
B-3. Sail on
B-4. A deep settled peace
B-5. Old soldier's reunion
B-6. When I pray
B-7. Child of the king
B-8. A beautiful life
B-9. When you touched me
B-10. The love letter
B-11. He picked me up
B-12. Swallow your pride
B-13. Amazing grace
B-14. The promise
B-15. Old time religion
B-16. Near the cross
B-17. He giveth more grace
B-18. Thank you for your blessings
B-19. Maker of the stars
B-20. Christmas time at home
B-21. In the stable
B-22. Christmas lullaby
B-23. Joy to the world
B-24. Silent night