Barn again

Big Red Barn

Label:No label brb 002
Release Date:2011
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2012-07
   Google Play: Bvv3bsunheg7jx6taksnyzgfnaq

Song Information:

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1. I lost my gal from Memphis2:22
2. Bottle in the mirror3:11
3. Corrina, Corrina5:13
4. Kick the can2:56
5. More pretty girls than one3:49
6. Why you been gone so long5:02
7. Hungry man3:11
8. I'm just here to get my baby out of jail4:18
9. Don't you leave me here2:50
10. American blues3:10
11. Have you seen my baby4:32
12. Mi alma viejo5:14
13. Blues my naughty sweetie gives to me4:13