In good company

Bill Evans

Label:Native & Fine 906-9
Release Date:2012
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2012-08
County Sales:#318 ID: 4441416
   Amazon ASIN: B007U4D9V6
   Google Play: B3jckhqgocbs2izyx5p5j4itk4q

Song Information:

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1. The distance between two points5:40
2. Walk to the water4:27
3. Some other creek3:31
4. Follow the drinking gourd3:58
5. Big Chief Sonny4:48
6. Dakota3:06
7. On and on3:58
8. Mother nature's son1:20
9. You've got to hide your love away2:40
10. Lucy in the sky with diamonds1:15
11. A hard day's night2:39
12. They say you're never lonely in Louisville5:00