Clarence White

Label:Sierra 6026
Release Date:2012
Country:United States
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Song Information:

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A-1. John Henry blues
A-2. Reno ride
A-3. Salt Creek
A-4. Kickin' mule
A-5. Big Sandy River
A-6. Sheik of Araby
A-7. Black Mountain blues
A-8. Soldier's joy
A-9. Durham's reel
A-10. Barefoot Nellie
A-11. Weeping willow
A-12. Ragtime Annie
A-13. When you're smiling
A-14. Columbus Stockade blues
A-15. Texas gales
A-16. Blackberry rag
A-17. Silver bells
A-18. San Antonio rose
A-19. Listen to the mocking bird
A-20. Laughing guitar
A-21. Alabama jubillee 1973
B-1. Kickin' mule
B-2. Sheik of Araby
B-3. Black Mountain rag
B-3. Soldier's joy
B-4. Way downtown
B-5. Crawdad song
B-6. New River Train
B-7. Julius Finkbine's rag
B-8. Billy in the lowground
B-9. Fire on the mountain
B-10. Sally Goodin'
B-11. Black Mountain blues (rag)
B-12. Farewell blues
B-13. Moonlight waltz
B-14. Old Joe Clark
B-15. Lost highway