Red Wine

Label:No label RW 007
Release Date:2012
BG Unlimited:2012-10

Song Information:

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13. Southern streamline3:12
Composer:John Fogerty
12. A different kind of dream3:33
Composer:Jon Weisberger-Thomm Jutz
11. Fiddle and bow3:43
Composer:Niall Toner-Keith Sewell
10. For no one2:45
Composer:Paul McCartney
9. Let go of my heart3:09
Composer:Jon Weisberger-Christoffer Olsson
8. Red red wine (and cheatin' songs)3:23
Composer:Mary Stuart
7. That's amore
Composer:Harry Warren-Jack Brooks
7. Oi mari
7. Mamma mia medley4:39
7. Malafemmena
Composer:Antonio De Curtis
7. Buonasera signorina
6. You're no longer a sweetheart of mine2:52
Composer:Fred Swift-Don Reno-Red Smiley
5. Grannie's blues4:17
Composer:Silvio Ferretti
4. Letters have no arms3:22
Composer:Ernest Tubb-Arbie Gibson
3. Someday you will3:49
Composer:Liz Meyer
2. Tangled roots3:45
Composer:Ben Winship
1. Cabin on a lonely hill3:03
Composer:Anne & Pete Sibley