Aquatic hitchhiker

Leftover Salmon

Label:LoS LoS 5050
Release Date:2012
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2012-09 ID: 4114238

Song Information:

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1. Gulf of Mexico3:16
Instruments:Bill McKay-piano/organ/clavinet
2. Keep driving3:59
Instruments:Asher Fulero-piano; Bill McKay-piano/organ/clavinet; Steve Berlin-percussion; Wally Ingram-percussion
3. Liza2:40
Instruments:Jason Carter-f; Bill McKay-piano/organ/clavinet
4. Aquatic hitchhiker3:27
Instruments:Jason Carter-f; Jerry Cavagnaro-accordion; Asher Fulero-piano/organ; Wally Ingram-percussion
5. Bayou town3:45
Instruments:Jerry Cavagnaro-harmonica; Asher Fulero-piano/organ; Bill McKay-piano/organ/clavinet; Wally Ingram-percussion
6. Sing up to the moon4:14
Instruments:Bill McKay-piano/organ/clavinet; Wally Ingram-percussion
7. Light behind the rain5:29
Instruments:Jason Carter-f; Bill McKay-piano/organ/clavinet
8. Stop all your worrying3:23
Instruments:Asher Fulero-piano/organ; Wally Ingram-percussion
9. Walking shoes3:01
Instruments:Jason Carter-f; Asher Fulero-piano/organ
10. Kentucky skies3:14
Instruments:Asher Fulero-piano/organ
11. Gone for long4:12
Instruments:Asher Fulero-piano/organ
12. Here comes the night5:56