High on a hilltop

Welfare Liners

Label:Ghostmeat GM 062
Release Date:2012-09-18
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2012-12

Song Information:

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1. Easy on the eyes3:10
2. Who killed T.K.2:29
3. I'll be standing by2:55
4. Trouble comes to me4:02
5. That's what she said2:26
6. Dust broom blues3:33
7. Homewrecker3:11
8. High on a hilltop3:27
9. Darker than the night3:46
10. I can hear the reaper calling3:54
11. Farewell to all the angels4:09
12. Sad and blue, lonesome too3:02
13. Boulevard3:42
14. The welfare express (headin' down the line)5:19