Cold cold feeling

Truman's Ridge

Label:No label No #
Release Date:2012-07-14
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2012-11

Song Information:

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1. Running for my life2:05
2. Folsom Prison blues3:05
3. Cold cold feeling2:49
4. You ain't goin' nowhere3:09
5. Heather's gate2:34
6. You've gone away3:15
7. Walk softly on this heart of mine4:05
8. Cryin' holy unto the Lord2:51
9. The old crossroad3:31
10. Waltzing through the Carolina Pines2:50
11. Truman's special2:15
12. I'm walking the dog2:21
13. Sing hallelujah3:01
14. Prayer bells of Heaven2:52