There & back & back again

Bob Minner

Label:Missouriboy No #
Release Date:2012-01-24
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2013-02
   Amazon ASIN: B0076XTJRO
   Google Play: Bkl4coaxf5jy6zj7wxmr5xrf4fu

Song Information:

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1. Hangin' at Beechwood4:58
2. Hencher Road5:47
3. Sesenta y cuatro el Camino ('64 El Camino)5:01
4. There & back & back again6:11
5. Penny girl a prancin' / Sulphur Dell4:26
6. First hog to the trough3:40
7. Now that's a song2:43
8. Now that's a song (reprise)1:23
9. Chocolate gravy & biscuits4:02
10. New bridge4:59
11. Mi corazon, mi alma, mi espoza (My heart, my soul,4:26