Last mile of the way

Cecil Surratt & Smitty Smith

Label:BACM BACM 389
Release Date:2012
Country:United Kingdom
County Sales:#323

Song Information:

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26. Do you mean the words you say
25. Cabin
24. This land is your land
23. Second hand hearts
22. Bluegrass mountaineers always free
21. S and S ride
20. Smitty's blues
19. I stopped living the day you stopped loving me
18. I might have saved a broken heart
17. Mighty Mississippi
16. Poor Ellen Smith
15. The Devil and the farmer
14. Boil e'm cabbage down
13. Never grow old
12. Sittin' in
11. I'm never to marry
10. The waltz you saved for me
9. Sippin' cider
8. All because of Calvary
7. Counting the days
6. Read the Bible every day
5. Darlin' oh darlin'
4. Old Joe Clark
3. Last mile of the way
2. Chicken reel
1. Wreck of the old '97