Classic bluegrass gospel

Jimmie Williams & Red Ellis

Label:BACM BACM 388
Release Date:2012
Country:United Kingdom
County Sales:#321

Song Information:

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29. God's everlasting love
28. Zachaeus
27. Down at the cross
26. You can't hide from God
25. Without me
24. The future in His hands
23. Sweetest dream
22. I heard the cry from the cross
21. A place upon a mountain
20. I've won my crown
19. A higher power
18. No depression in Heaven
17. That beautiful home
16. Someone will love me in Heaven
15. Holy ghost building
14. Within me
13. Coming of the Lord
12. Backslider
11. Rank stranger
10. There ain't no grave gonna hold my body down
9. I saw the angels in Heaven
8. Going to meet Jesus
7. The drunken driver
6. Eastbound train
5. These men of God
4. A rose from mother's wreath
3. Open window
2. Prayer of salvation
1. Sinner's dream