We're usually a lot better than this

Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott

Label:Full Light 478923
Release Date:2012-10-09
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2013-03
   Amazon ASIN: B0091G78YK
   Google Play: Bocssij7usalngljpp4ywv7uode

Song Information:

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1. Climbing up a mountain4:03
2. House of gold2:26
3. White Freightliner blues5:15
4. Mick Ryan's lament3:38
5. With a memory like mine5:20
6. Early morning rain4:21
7. Keep your lamp trimmed and burning5:47
8. Long time gone5:01
9. You don't have to move that mountain3:45
10. The hummingbird4:22
11. Mom and Dad's waltz3:04
12. Hambone2:26
13. When there's no one around8:16
13. Will the circle be unbroken