Down home with Southern Magnolia

Southern Magnolia

Label:Southern Magnolia No #
Release Date:2012-03-06
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2013-01

Song Information:

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1. Carolina's callin'2:43
2. I can't go on loving you2:39
3. Chimney Rock slide3:09
4. Just any day now3:36
5. Home in the mountains2:55
6. That's how I got to Memphis3:56
7. Little white washed chimney2:45
8. You can't go home again3:05
9. There's an empty place3:02
10. Shenandoah breakdown2:34
11. My home's across the Blue Ridge Mountains2:45
12. Heart of my heart4:11
13. Wildflowers3:20