Behold He cometh

Southland Gospel Boys

Label:GMT GMT 4012

Song Information:

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B-7. Pray for the boys to come home2:27
B-6. Mansions for me3:50
B-5. Will He wait a little longer2:05
B-4. Vision of the promise land2:26
B-3. Time clock of life2:05
B-2. Mountain church2:00
B-1. Take me in your lifeboat2:54
A-7. These men of God1:52
A-6. Lord protect my soul2:51
A-5. There's a place upon a mountain2:48
A-4. I'll go to church again with Mama3:08
A-3. The stranger on the road2:43
A-2. I'll be going to Heaven sometime2:19
A-1. Behold He cometh2:56