Catch me if I try

Kenny & Amanda Smith

Label:Farmboy FBR 1003
Release Date:2012-11-06
Country:United States
County Sales:#324

Song Information:

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14. When tears come falling5:44
13. Tuggin' on my heartstrings2:20
12. Some days I live on that3:45
11. That's when you know4:30
10. Run away boys2:55
9. I'm yours3:31
8. Jesus, King of Heaven3:00
7. Why did you call3:28
6. Don't blame me3:08
5. The Birmingham Turnaround3:19
4. Catch me if I try3:23
3. Huntington River4:17
2. Comin' around again3:39
1. Blinded by you2:54