No relation

Mary Kettering

Label:No label No #
Release Date:2012-07-03
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2013-05

Song Information:

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1. Amazing grace3:19
Composer:John Newton
2. I don't know about that2:06
Composer:Mary Kettering
3. Psychobilly Cadillac3:51
Composer:Gary Fossaceca
4. Red clay halo2:58
Composer:David Rawlings-Gillian Welch
5. Bill Cheatham2:50
6. I don't care (just as long as you love me)2:36
Composer:Buck Owens
7. I'll travel on3:25
Composer:Mary Kettering
8. Driving nails in my coffin2:13
Composer:Jerry Irby
9. Star of County Down3:44
10. Every mile of the way2:46
Composer:Mary Kettering
11. Orange Blossom Special3:11
Composer:Irving Rouse
12. Amazing grace (reprise)3:13