Fifth season

Hamilton County Bluegrass Band

Label:EMI SLZ 8329
Country:New Zealand

Song Information:

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B-7. Train that I ride
Composer:F. Wakefield
B-6. Carolina in my mind
Composer:J. Taylor
B-5. Along the way
Composer:E. Adcock
B-4. Bill Cheatem
B-3. If I were a carpenter
Composer:T. Hardin
B-2. Ebo Walker
Composer:R. Dillard-M. Jayne-Landsdown
B-1. Roll muddy river
A-7. Proud Mary
Composer:J. Fogerty
A-6. Her boys
A-5. Tiger hunting in the Ureweras
Composer:Arr. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band
A-4. Gentle on my mind
Composer:J. Hartford
A-3. Hit parade of love
Composer:J. Martin
A-2. Copperfields
A-1. Bluegrass express
Composer:B. Osborne