The Stonemans!

The Stonemans

Label:Starday/King N5 2063
Release Date:1968
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Turn me loose
Composer:D. Stoneman-C. Stoneman
A-2. Orange blossom breakdown
Composer:Arr. Wm. York
A-3. Family life
Composer:V. Stoneman
A-4. Snow deer
Composer:Wm. York
A-5. Lonesome banjo
Composer:R. Stoneman
B-1. Guilty
Composer:S. Stoneman
B-2. Little Suzie
Composer:C. Stoneman
B-3. The wreck of No. 9
Composer:Wm. York
B-4. 100 years ago
Composer:E.V. Stoneman
B-5. It's rain
Composer:V. Stoneman