Monroe Crossing live

Monroe Crossing

Label:No label MC 0810
Release Date:2010-08
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Heartache and stone
Composer:Art Blackburn
2. Do you love an apple
3. Walls of time
4. When the cold winds blow
Composer:Art Blackburn
5. Dueling banjos
6. Me and Billy
Composer:Lisa Fuglie
7. Ned Kelly
Composer:Lisa Fuglie
8. Into the fire
Composer:Lisa Fuglie
9. He did rise
Composer:Mark Anderson
10. The far side banks of Jordan
11. Mason Harris
12. My girl
13. Don't get above your raisin'
14. Raven tresses
Composer:Becky Buller
15. Orange Blossom Special
16. I am a man of constant sorrow