Remember me : the legendary King sessions, 1946

Bailes Brothers

Label:Bear Family BCD 17132
Release Date:2012-09-18

Song Information:

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24. Jesus is the one
23. Daniel prayed
22. An empty mansion
21. Something got a hold of me
20. All the world is lonely now
19. She has forgotten
18. The future holds nothing
17. Remember me
16. Crying over you
15. Should I let you go
14. Everybody knew the truth but me
13. It's hard to leave somebody that you love
12. Laughing through the tears
11. Down the valley of the shadow
10. Discontent are you darling
9. Broken marriage vows
8. Ashamed to own the blessed Savior
7. He'll strike you down
6. Somebody's praying for you
5. No one to open the door
4. We're living in the last days now
3. Romans ten and nine
2. What will you be doing then
1. Building on the sand