Standing somewhere in the shadows : the legendary King sessions, 1953 plus

Bailes Brothers

Label:Bear Family BCD 17133
Release Date:2012-09-18

Song Information:

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22. He will
21. If I were alone with God
20. Hula star
19. Ballad of Honest Abe
18. So much
17. It's bound to happen
16. You make me live again
15. I owe it to my heartJohnnie Bailes
14. Saved
13. Cause he loved me firstWalter Bailes
12. Standing somewhere in the shadows
11. Watch and pray
10. I'll run all the way
9. God's hand rules the world
8. Goodbye hallelujah I'm gone
7. Muddy sea of sin
6. There's a handwriting on the wall
5. Avenue of prayer
4. There's a difference in religion and salvation
3. I can't help what others do
2. Jesus' blood
1. That's what we need