Bluegrass classics

Barrier Brothers

Label:BACM 398
Release Date:2012
Country:United Kingdom
County Sales:#323

Song Information:

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1. Blue moon of Kentucky
2. Gotta travel on
3. Polka on a banjo
4. Crying my heart out over you
5. My little Georgia rose
6. Salty dog blues
7. Earl's breakdown
8. Cabin in the hills
9. Flint Hill special
10. Stone wall around your heart
11. Before I met you
12. Breaking in a brand new pair of shoes
13. Smoke along the track
14. Someday we'll meet again sweetheart
15. I'll go steppin' too
16. Don't this road look rough and rocky
17. Jimmy Brown the newsboy
18. Shuckin' the corn
19. Blue Ridge Mountain home
20. Little cabin on the hill
21. Ain't gonna work tomorrow
22. Whippoorwill
23. Destroyed
24. Dear old Dixie
25. Will I be that lucky man
26. Someday sweetheart you'll be crying
27. Please don't leave me here alone
28. Wild chord breakdown