Silver sky. Deluxe edition

The Infamous Stringdusters

Label:High Country SCIFI 1155
Release Date:2012-03-13
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2013-03 ID: 4967233
   Amazon ASIN: B00991T2S2

Song Information:

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A-1. Don't mean nothing2:38
A-2. Rockets3:03
A-3. The hitchhiker5:03
A-4. Tears of the Earth4:28
A-5. The place that I call home3:52
A-6. Like I do4:26
A-7. Heady festy2:23
A-8. Night on the river3:33
A-9. When the night comes around2:49
A-10. Fire4:53
A-11. Walking on the moon4:58
A-12. He's gone
B-1. Fork in the road
B-2. The hitchhiker
B-3. Long lonesome day
B-4. Gettin' down the road
B-5. Get it while you can
B-6. Masquerade
B-7. Ain't no way of knowing
B-8. Well, well
B-9. How far I'd fall for you
B-10. All the same
B-11. No more to leave you behind
B-12. Echoes of goodbye
B-13. Keep on truckin'