Old and new songs

Lonzo & Oscar

Label:Brylen BN 4439
Release Date:1982
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Dixie roads2:29
Composer:D. Goodman-M.A. Kennedy-P. Rose
A-2. The winner takes it all4:06
Composer:B. Andersson-Ulvacus
A-3. The rock I'm leaning on2:43
A-4. Whatever happened to Saturday night3:10
Composer:B. Leadon-D. Henley-G. Frey-R. Meisner
A-5. I'm my own grandpa2:19
Composer:D. Latham-M. Jaffe
B-1. Old flame2:53
B-2. Seven bridges road2:57
Composer:S. Young
B-3. No relief in sight2:24
B-4. Old songs2:35
Composer:E. Bobbitt
B-5. Halfway home2:36