Live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival

The Lovell Sisters

Label:No label No #
Release Date:2008
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Just a promise
Composer:J. Miller; 2 DefPig Publishing, BMI
2. Blood is thicker
Composer:R. Lovell; 2 DefPig Publishing, BMI
3. Spanish Point
Composer:B. Fleck; Bug Music obo Fleck Music
4. Strangest dreams
Composer:H. Ketchum-R. Rutherford; Universal
5. Angel band
Composer:R. Stanley; Fort Knox Music, BMI
6. Lonesome feeling
Composer:B. Henson; Sure Fire Music Co., BMI
7. Angeline
Composer:J. Miller; 2 DefPig Publishing, BMI
8. Folsom Prison
Composer:J. Cash; Bug Music obo House of Cash
9. Choctaw hayride
Composer:J. Douglas; Bug Music obo Nolivian Songs
10. Kentucky borderline
Composer:T. Herd-R. Vincent; Sally Music, BMI