Look at it rain

Dix Bruce & Julie Cline

Label:Musix CD 110
Release Date:2013
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2013-08

Song Information:

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16. Frogs for snakes (alternative version)3:52
15. Where the soul never dies2:48
14. I am a pilgrim3:33
13. Frogs for snakes2:56
12. Pretty Polly4:06
11. Just someone I used to know3:19
10. The banks of the Ohio2:53
9. Look at it rain2:57
8. Darling will you ever think of me3:16
7. Shady groves3:39
6. Fair and tender ladies3:23
5. There's more pretty girls than one2:36
4. I get blue3:04
3. Take this hammer3:16
2. Making believe2:50
1. Little birdie2:54