Feller & Hill and the Bluegrass Buckaroos

Feller & Hill & the Bluegrass Buckaroos

Label:Blue Circle BCR 035
Release Date:2013-02-11
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2013-08
County Sales:#324
   Amazon ASIN: B00BEM6NOK
   Google Play: Bieoxl7mnk4nz5ohn5sy6askvdy

Song Information:

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1. Gonna lay down my old guitar2:33
2. Southern moon2:42
3. Together again2:13
4. Is that footsteps that I hear2:46
5. Wasted words3:01
6. My Lord keeps a record3:00
7. The old Kentucky man3:54
8. What will you bid for my old John Deere4:37
9. Big blue roses3:38
10. I get the blues when it rains2:11
11. Lost love4:12
12. Will Heaven be like Kentucky2:49
13. Those old things4:04