Doctor's orders : a tribute to Ralph Stanley

Don Rigsby

Label:Rebel REB 1841
Release Date:2013-05-21
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2013-08
County Sales:#324

Song Information:

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14. Traveling the highway home2:25
13. Water Lilly2:29
12. Tennessee truck driving man2:21
11. Medicine Springs2:48
10. Walking up this hill on Decoration Day3:33
9. Six more miles2:49
8. Sinner man2:33
7. I only exist3:25
6. Home in the mountains3:05
5. Little Maggie2:59
4. Wild geese cry again2:45
3. Daughter of Geronimo2:41
2. Brand new Tennessee waltz2:43
1. Mountain doctor3:32