Pickin' like a girl

Daughters of Bluegrass

Label:Blue Circle BCR 036
Release Date:2013-01-31
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2014-04
County Sales:#323

Song Information:

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A-1. Pickin' like a girl
A-2. Hound dog blues
A-3. Somewhere in Kentucky tonight
A-4. Creecy greens
A-5. The meanest lady cop
A-6. Men
A-7. Mama remember
A-8. I'm gonna try
A-9. Local flowers
A-10. Follow me back to the fold
A-11. Poor little Sadie
A-12. I don't live there anymore
A-13. Nothin' about trains
A-14. Kentucky in the rain
A-15. Empty old mailbox
A-16. Song maker
A-17. To a dove
A-18. Molly and Mildred
B-1. Never can forgive til I forget
B-2. You're good to go
B-3. My little world
B-4. Independent Rose
B-5. Bluebird in the rain
B-6. The grave robber
B-7. Pretty girls
B-8. The next train
B-9. For better or worse
B-10. Hazel Creek
B-11. The hummingbird man
B-12. Clinch Mountain mystery
B-13. No matter how hard I cry
B-14. The moon ain't square
B-15. The windowsill song
B-16. Sit down and cry
B-17. I can make it happen
C-1. Walking through Bethlehem
C-2. Building ain't churches
C-3. Let me fly low
C-4. He loves to hear you shout
C-5. I want you to meet my friend
C-6. Pray right here
C-7. Welcoming tomb
C-8. Yes, He can
C-9. Keep me in your prayers
C-10. Take just a minute for Him
C-11. Do something for Jesus today
C-12. Get in the boat
C-13. Mother's silent prayer
C-14. There's always a light in the church
C-15. Walk slow
C-16. He knows the way
C-17. He's the one
D-1. Proud to be a daughter of bluegrass
D-2. I don't think I'm going back to Harlan
D-3. Keep on walking
D-4. There ought to be more to love than this
D-5. Carolina state of mind
D-6. Desmoranda
D-7. I'm gonna love you now
D-8. Nobody home
D-9. Leaving here for Nashville
D-10. Everybody got a light
D-11. The old family table
D-12. Will you ever be satisfied
D-13. Go up on the mountain and wait
D-14. I made a friend of a flower today
D-15. Your memory followed me home
D-16. Scenes from an old country graveyard
D-17. Take me with you